Museum collections

Municipality Smolyan

1.Historical museum Smolyan
The first state cultural institution in the Sredni Rodopi is Srednorodopski historical museum. He is established by the notable social active Stoyu Shishkov. The museum has a rich collection of exhibits /150 000 museum pieces/, telling about the people in the mountain during the time from Stone epoch to nowadays. The most brilliant museum pieces are exhibited in the permanent exhibitions in the museum: Cultural-historical opulence of the Rhodopes from the Antiquity to nowadays, National textiles, National dresses, Wrought cooper and Wrought iron. The permanent exhibition is assessed very high by the European museum experts as remarkable for original content and irregular artist-spatial decisions. In the list of the scientific archive of the museum are mentioned the following cultural monuments on the territory of the region: architectural monuments 623, historical monuments 33, archeological monuments 103, artist monuments 41. By reason of shortages of funds for activities it has not been done entire checks and actuality of preserved in scientific archive of Historical museum Smolyan information about the objects on the territory of the municipalities from the Region Smolyan. An exception is only for the municipality Smolyan.

2. Memorial house-museum Prof. Konstantin Chilov the village of Slaveyno devoted to the world famous doctor, specialist in internal diseases, author of scientific works, a member of European academies. The exhibition connects 3500 exhibits medical appliances, medical literature, and personal belongings.

3. The historical-wide collection with a picture-gallery in the village of Momchilovtsi

4. Ethnographical collection in the village of Shiroka Laka

5. Public artistic gallery in Smolyan consists thousands of works of the best masters of the brush and chisel from the history of the contemporary Bulgarian pictorial, plastic and applied arts.

Municipality Devin

In town Devin works a historical-wide museum collection in the public community center Rodopska prosveta (Rhodopean education). The exhibition includes more than 2000 original historical and archeological finds from the done examined works in the town and municipality, different archeological materials, which are settled thematically in four halls archeological, Second Bulgarian State, ethnography, and new history.

Municipality Zlatograd

1. The museum collection consists of the post office, telegraph and telephone. It is situated in a preserved old house in the town, where exists a working post office branch. It presents the history of the post achievement in the town.

2. Museum collection, named Education in the Sredni Rodopi. Being unique in the area, it is situated in the restored school, located in the architecture-ethnographic complex in the town.

Municipality Madan

1.An irrefutable tourists interest is the unique exposition Rhodopean crystal, which is included in the world reference book in mineralogy, preserved more than 400 pieces.
2.Other museum, which is also very interest is the Museum for ore output. There are preserved numerous of primitive tools, which are found in ancient galleries in the region, which give an idea for the ancient ore-mining.

Municipality Chepelare

1.A museum for Bulgarian Karsts and spelaeology. It is located in the Speleologist-house in the town of Chepelare. It is the only one museum in speleology in Europe, which presents the beauties of the caves and the cave exponents, preserved since the dawn of the human history. The research museum activity is mainly concentrated in the Rhodopes and in situated here caves. Here are preserved subjects from unanimated and animated nature of the karsts regions and caves with scientific and informative value. In the archives and card-indexes there is information about more than 200 Rhodopean caves and precipices. 30 of them are valuable archeological objects and 5 of them are rich of palaeontological materials.

2.The museum of ski and ski-sport, located in Chepelare, is without an official statute. There are exhibited more than 200 cups and medals, 300 flags, 100 pairs of ski, etcThe museum is opened on the local cultural figures initiative after the winning of Olympic title by Ekaterina Dafovska.